Subproject B02

Systematic Temperature Control when Turning Metastable Austenitic Steels

Aim of the project is the increase of fatigue strength and wear resistance of highly stressed components by near surface phase transition. For that purpose, selected metastable chrome nickel steels are machined applying carbon dioxide cooling. Low temperatures in the cutting zone are necessary to accomplish a deformation induced transition from metastable austenite into martensite via mechanical interaction between tool and work piece. To optimize the cooling a transient simulation of the temperature field in the work piece is utilized.

Principal Investigator:

Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Kirsch
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan C. Aurich
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Müller

Scientific Staff:

M. Sc. Steven Becker
Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Dornisch
Dipl.-Ing. Hendrik Hotz

Technical Staff:

Oliver Benz

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Last Change: February 22th 2019