MICOS 2018 - Program

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Tuesday, March 20th, 2018
Session I - Microstructuring of Component Surfaces
13:30 H. Hasse (SFB 926) Welcome

K. Schmidt &
J. C. Aurich

(LT Ultra)
(SFB 926)
Micro- and Ultraprecision Manufacturing
14:30-15:20 C. Mühl &
B. Kirsch
(SFB 926)
Influence of Working Fluids on Machining Processes
15:20-15:50 Coffee Break
Session II - Surface Morphology Influence on Mechanical Properties
15:50-16:40 J. Rudolph &
T. Beck

(SFB 926)

Surface Morphology Influence on Performance of Metastable Austenitic Steels
16:40-17:30 H. Biermann &
M. Smaga
(SFB 926)
Influence of the Surface State on the Mechanical Properties of TRIP/TWIP Steels
17:30-17:50 Short Break
Session III - Speed Lectures / Project Presentations
17:50-19:00 Speed Lectures(SFB 926)
19:00 Apéromit selbstgebrautem SFB-Bier
20:00 Conference Dinner Restaurant "Salz & Pfeffer", Kaiserslautern
Wednesday, March 21st, 2018
Session IV - Component Surfaces in Application
08:30-09:20 V. Aul &
B. Sauer
(SFB 926)
Influence of the Surface Quality of the Performance of Rolling Bearings
09:20-10:10 A. Schmid &
R. Ulber
(SFB 926)
Catalytic Biofilms: Influence of Surface Structure and Applications
10:10-10:40 Coffee Break
Session V - Component Surface Characterization
10:40-11:30 R. Volk &
M. Eifler
(SFB 926)
Calibration of High-Precision Measuring Instruments for Production Metrology
11:30-12:20 S. Pehnelt &
J. Seewig
(SFB 926)
Function and Process Oriented Geometrical Characterization for High End Component Surfaces
12:20-12:30 Concluding Remarks
12:30 Quicklunch / Departure
Speed Lecutres (SFB 926)
F. Diewald, A01 Modeling and Simulation of Wetting of Component Surfaces
I. Alhafez, A02 Atomistic Simulations of Scratching and Cutting of Surfaces
J. Meiser, A03 Solid-solid Phase Transitions at Surfaces
S. Kieren-Ehses, A04 Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Microcutting of Titanium Materials
S. Schmidt, A05 Phase Field Modeling of Transformation and Failure Mechanisms in the Vicinity of Surface
F. Krull, A08 Dynamic Interactions of Particles and Droplets with Structured Component Surfaces
D. Fares, A09 Analysis and Modelling of the Surface Structuring Through Lapping
M. Bohley, B01 Geometrical Structuring of Component Surfaces by Micro Milling
H. Hotz, B02 Systematic Temperature Control when Turning Metastable Austenitic Steels
P. Breuninger, B03 Surface Structuring by Cold-sprayed Fine Particles
L. Böhme, B04 Deformation and Fracture of Specimens with Structured Surfaces
A. Boemke, B05 Influence of Deformation Induced Martensite Formation on the Mechanical Properties of Metastable Austenite
L. Hofherr/K. Huttenlochner, B06 Adhesion of Bacteria and Biomolecules on Microstructured Component Surfaces
F. Ströer, B07 Characterization of Microstructured Component Surfaces
R. Merz, B08 Generation and Characterization of Microscopic Surface Structures in Wearing Systems
P. Arrabiyeh, B09 Geometrical Structuring of Component Surfaces by Micro Grinding
M. Klein, B10 Influence of the Surface State on Quasi-static and Cyclic Deformation and Damage Behavior of TRIP/TWIP Steels
J. Hering, B11 Additive Manufacturing of Three-dimensional Surfaces
S. Thielen, C01 Influence of Morphology on Radial Shaft Sealing Systems
A. Becker, C02 Interaction between Surface Morphology and Wear in Chain Drives
D. Kleine, C03 Biofilms on Microstructured Surfaces
S. Basten, T02 Mono Ethylene Glycol based Cryogenic Lubricants for Cutting Processes
K. Klauer,T03 Design and Manufacturing of Areal Calibration Artefacts based on Actual Engineering Surfaces

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