Subproject B09

Geometrical Structuring of Component Surfaces by Micro Grinding

In this project, the influence of the material removal mechanism on the surface morphology by micro grinding will be analyzed. Micro grinding offers a high potential when machining complex micro structures of hard and brittle materials with small structure sizes and high structure qualities. Therefore, the influence of the process parameters as well as the tool specification on the material removal mechanism will be analyzed when grinding hardened steel with micro pencil grinding tools. Furthermore, the relation between surface creation, morphology and properties (SCMP) will be investigated for micro grinding. Also, a wear detection of the micro pencil grinding tools will be implemented in the existing machine tool.

Principal Investigator:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan C. Aurich

Scientific Staff:

Dipl.-Ing. Peter Arrabiyeh
Dipl.-Ing. Marius Heitz

Technical Staff:

Henri Welz

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Last Change: February 22th 2019