Subproject B05

Influence of Deformation Induced Martensite Formation on the Mechanical Properties of Metastable Austenite

The goal of this project is the improvement of the fatigue properties from the LCF to the VHCF regime of metastable austenitic Cr-Ni-steels due to deformation induced martensite formation as a consequence of defined surface machining processes. Besides surface hardening and residual stress state, microstructural parameters such as volume fraction, thickness, and distribution of the martensite are studied in detail. The microstructural parameters are quantified by light- and electron-microscopy as well as x-ray diffraction methods and their influence on fatigue and wear behaviour will be evaluated by electrical and magnetic in situ measurements.

Principal Investigator:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tilmann Beck
Dr.-Ing. Marek Smaga

Scientific Staff:

M. Sc. Tong Zhu

Technical Staff:

Lars Kreipl



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