Subproject C03

Biofilms on Microstructured Surfaces

The subject of the project is to analyze the influence of microstructures on the productivity and biofilm for-mation of L. lactis spatiotemporally and as a function of flow conditions. Thereby, the findings of the previ-ous funding periods will be deepened. For this purpose, the combination of CLSM and OCT, a spatially-resolved sampling, the use of specific reporter genes and the new material of glass will be implemented. The material of glass facilitates the use of immersion objectives with in increased NA and thus an improved optical resolution. Additionally, the transfer of the results will be investigated through experiments with a eukaryotic cellular system (Ocimum basilicum).

Principal Investigator:

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Roland Ulber

Scientific Staff:

M. Sc. Andrea Schmeckebier
Dr.-Ing. Dorina Strieth



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Last Change: April 27th 2023