Subproject Z

Administration Project:
General coordination and administration of the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC)

The CRC secretariat will support the CRC Speaker in CRC organization, administrate the central funds and coordinate all administrative tasks:

- Monitoring of expenses and creating an overview of all finances
- Preparation of reports on expenditure of funds
- Organization of meetings, colloquia and the coordination of the review processes
- Contact part to the DFG as well as to the administration of the university
- Public relations
- Website and Corporate identity maintenance
- General correspondence
- Compiling and printing of research reports and proposals
- Integrated Research Training Group assistance
- CRC 926 Equal Opportunity Representative assistance

Principal Investigator:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Hasse

CRC Office, Managing Director:

Ilona Stein

Founded by


Last Change: July 25th 2019