Subproject A05

Phase Field Modelling of Transformation and Failure Mechanisms in the Vicinity of Surfaces

The goal of project A05 is a macroscopic and phenomenological model for phase transformations and fail-ure mechanisms. A thermodynamically consistent formulation for the modelling of the phase transformation is employed, where plasticity, hardening and volume fraction of the transformed material are considered as internal variables. The modelling will include a coupling between plasticity and phase transformation. Tensile and torsion tests of TRIP and Cr-Ni steels allow to identify important material parameters. Further, the model is extended by introducing a scalar damage variable as well as considering cyclic loading. In terms of veri-fication high cycle fatigue testing and tribology testing are used.

Principal Investigator:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Müller

Scientific Staff:

M. Sc. Hari Kishan Thammineni
Dr.-Ing. Christian Sator



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