Subproject B08

Generation and Characterization of Microscopic Surface Structures in Wearing Systems

The work program includes the continuing development and the application of the prototypical microstruc-tures generated so far. We plan both the further high-precision structuring of the micro-platforms and the manufacturing of new intrinsic asperity structures via mask technologies and sputtering as well. Those struc-tures are used to study tribo-induced modifications of the surface morphology and their impact on the tribo-logical properties vice versa. Particularly phase transformation processes and tribo-film generation will be of interest. Finally it is intended to demonstrate how this can be used to control friction and wear in macro-scopic friction systems.

Principal Investigator:

Dr. rer. nat. Michael Kopnarski

Scientific Staff:

Dr.-Ing. Dr. rer. nat. Rolf Merz
Dr.-Ing. Stefan Emrich
Dr. rer. nat. Jörg Lösch

Technical Staff:

Anna Zeuner



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Last Change: May 4th 2022