Subproject C01

Influence of Morphology on Radial Shaft Sealing Systems

Based on the micro-scale tribo-simulation model of the sealing contact developed in the second grant peri-od, the wear of the surfaces and the involved processes are to be investigated more closely during the third grant period. The energy based Fleischer wear law is to be applied and the influence of the change in lubri-cation gap and surface morphology due to wear will be considered in the simulation model. In experimental investigations the wear mechanisms will be identified and the influence of different material combinations, oil additives and the surface microstructure will be investigated in depth. The results of the experimental investigations will be considered in the simulation model.

Principal Investigator:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Sauer

Scientific Staff:

Dipl.-Ing. Tim Schollmayer
Jun. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Thielen



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