Subproject C02

Interaction between Surface Morphology and Wear in Chain Drives

The methods developed so far, especially the chain joint tribometer, will be used to deepen the knowledge on the tribological system of chain joints in the third grant period. Main objective is reducing the wear and friction of pin and bush through specific modification of the surface-morphology. The micro-scale tribo-simulation model will be expanded selectively to systematically analyze the influences of the surface structure on con-tact parameters. Then the calculated geometric surface structures will be investigated in experiments and, as a last step, tests under practical conditions will be carried out to confirm the previous results.

Principal Investigator:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Sauer

Scientific Staff:

Dipl.-Ing. Patrick Wingertszahn

Technical Staff:

Dirk Schneider



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Last Change: April 27th 2023