Subproject C05

Investigation of the surface morphology of cryogenically milled TiAl6V4 impeller

The objective of project C05 is to improve the surface morphology of TiAl6V4 impeller. In addition to the controlled strain hardening of the workpiece surface layer, low surface roughness is to be achieved while maintaining narrow tolerance fields. A transient temperature model is created for the cryogenic milling pro-cess and the complex geometry of the impeller. The thermal expansion and contraction are calculated with this model. This enables the compensation of thermal influences by adapting the NC code. Thus, complex components can be milled dimensionally accurate and with improved surface morphology by means of cryogenic cooling. Another objective is to increase the productivity in roughing.

Principal Investigator:

Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Kirsch
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan C. Aurich

Scientific Staff:

M. Sc. Kevin Gutzeit

Technical Staff:

Henri Welz



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Last Change: February 14th 2022