Research Program

Microscale Morphology of Component Surfaces (MICOS)

Surfaces have a significant influence on component function and lifetime. With an interdisciplinary cooperation between mechanical engineering and process engineering as well as surface physics the SFB 926 investigates the scientific basics of the creation, characterization and application for surfaces of components with a specific functionality. The research activities focus on processes and methods on the microscale. The morphology of component surfaces is the central topic of the SFB 926. A surface is defined by its geometrical shape (topography) as well as its physical and chemical properties. One important intention of the SFB 926 is the investigation of the relation between surface creation, morphology and properties (SCMP), which allows an immediate conclusion from the parameters of the production processes to the service properties. Vice versa the knowledge of the SCMP enables optimal design of a component as a function of its requirements.

Methodically the SFB 926 consists of different project areas:

[A] Modeling and Simulation
[B] Creation and Experimental Characterization
[C] Application

The project areas are thematically represented by the interdisciplinary subjects: micro-structuring of component surfaces by shape cutting, particles at component surfaces and phase transformations at component surfaces. SCMPs are investigated to enable new industrial applications and a better understanding and control of existing ones. The successful work of the SFB 926 will initiate an essential momentum at the industrial application and open enormous economic potential using a detailed and comprehensive knowledge of the morphology of components.

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